Too often, scientific work stops where meaningful impact and action begins. Enactlab envisions more engaged, impactful and practice oriented research processes.

Our vision is to create impactful research and meaningful change. Meaningful to researchers, practitioners and citizens alike; And impactful in the worlds and lives of the people engaged.

We don’t invite laymen into the laboratories or send researchers out into “the real world”. We don’t envision a lab in any classical sense. It is not a temple of science separated from the lives of people; we have no white lab coats and no test tubes as relics.

Our laboratory is the world, and our aim is for knowledge to be created and put to use in the world. We therefore create spaces where researchers, practitioners and citizens can engage in collaborative processes of knowledge, change and meaning.

We believe that many – if not most – of the scientific disciplines and societal challenges could benefit from more engaged and open approaches to research, impact and practice.

In Enactlab we work with the premise that fundamental change is needed in the current knowledge institutions. It is our claim that the mindsets, processes, strategies and services that permeates through and is developed in knowledge institutions often neglects the first-person knowledge and perspective of the people they are working for. Too seldom are individuals of for example patients actively engaged when research on their matter is being conducted and professional practices are developed.

Consequently, the research, strategies and services provided turn out to be meaningless to the same individuals that the institutions are trying to help. This has significant individual, social as well as economic implications, and is a systematic and paradoxical waste of opportunity and potential on a large societal scale.

The mission is therefore threefold:

To open up action possibilities (agency) for individuals, so they can enact their own meaningful change, development and solutions (Individual)

To enhance the prospect of knowledge institutions and their practices, processes, strategies, tools and solutions to support meaningful change and development for individuals (Institutional)

To change the social mindsets, narratives and discourses that limit action possibilities for individuals engaged in social institutions (Societal)

(Photo: Signe Daugaard)