David Eskelund Nielsen

Head of research and development

My name is David. As Head of Development within Enactlab the my task is to push the boundaries for creating new meaningful solutions that combines people, companies, organizations and society.

With a background in organizational psychology, my work is focused on transitions, integration and development of ideas that allow for new approaches towards combining people and society in meaningful and mutual beneficial ways.

The method is always the same when we work and develop our ideas. It can be ideas that push towards more diversity in companies and organizations in Denmark; developing new ways of evaluating and measuring real impact of interventions in foundations, or understanding how art and education creates new spaces for learning, .

We work with lived experience of people, companies and organizations to create new synergies and new ways of integrating knowledge and meaningful action.

In the development team always work in the intersection of research and practice in order to create new solutions.

We use state of the art processes based on rigorous academic research. We use this research and turn it into concrete, hands-on, implement ready tools for companies, foundations, organizations and institutions within areas such as employment, education, health and culture.

Photo: Martin Bubandt