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The Orange Accessibility Floor / REIMAGINE 2019

Background and problem 

The old medieval city of Elsinore is paved with paving stone. This makes the city very inaccessible to people in wheelchairs, people who are walking with a stick – and all kinds of people who are troubled by walking on paving stones. These people will both be and feel excluded in the public open space, while they can’t get around in the streets.    

Vision & mission 

The municipality of Elsinore is going to make a new accessibility strategy towards 2025. The goal is to make the town of Elsinore more open, so that it can be more inclusive and more accessible in the public open space towards people with disabilities.  

The Orange Accessibility Floor is a symbol of a more accessible and including city street. The floor can be used by everyone and anyone because it makes it easy for all kinds of people to move around in the city. The floor was a part of the International Action Assembly REIMAGINE 2019 which was arranged to rethink disabilities, inclusion and accessibility. The floor was a direct proposal for rethinking ways to include more people in society. 

You can read more about REIMAGINE 2019 here.     


The product was two long “streets” built of hard orange plastic tiles. One of the floors was placed in front of The Culture Yard where a lot of people come and go between Kronborg Castle and Elsinore’s harbor. The other floor was placed in front of The Custom House where a lot of people walk from or to the train station. Both floors were placed in front of the places where REIMAGINE 2019 also took place. And both floors were placed on top of paving stones.  




The Accessibility Floor was an idea created by Jacob Nossell / Enactlab and the floor was borrowed by Ungdomsbureauet. 

Results and impact 

A lot of different people used the floor both because it was very visible but also because it was accessible to everyone. Approximately 2.000 citizen saw and walked on the floor in the exibition period.  Some citizens found the floor important as a statement for better solutions for people who have trouble by walking the old streets of Elsinore.  

Target audience 

All the citizens, tourists and visitors of Elsinore.   


The Accessibility Floor showcased Enactlab’s embodied communication. It showed a direct solution to inaccessible paving stone streets and it made the city more accessible to all kinds of people.  


The project was founded in collaboration with Municipality of Elsinore and Ungdomsbureauet. 

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