Soldaterlegatet – Supporting war veterans

Background and problem

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Denmark has sent around 43,000 soldiers on international, military missions. Among these, 68 have lost their lives, while 268 have been wounded. Furthermore, a large number of formerly deployed soldiers suffer for psychological aftereffects. Reactions that are often not surfacing until months or years after deployment.

Vision & mission

In the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of the Danish foundation Soldaterlegatet, we wanted to enlighten people about the projects that Soldaterlegatet do.

We made informative videos explaining, showing and reaching the supporters of Soldaterlegatet and their beneficiaries: Veterans and their relatives.

The videos portrayed veterans and professionals sharing their experiences and knowledge and aimed at making the situation of a physical or psychological injured war veteran more tangible.


The project started in March 2018 and launched in May 2019.


The project is made in collaboration with Steven Tannenberg, from WeDoFilm.

The project is supported by Soldaterlegatet.

Target audience

Supporters and beneficiaries of Soldaterlegatet. Veterans and their relatives.


As a collaboration with photographer Steven Tannenberg, who is himself a veteran, the informational videos were an expression of embodied communication. The project communicates in an authentic language that is both an instance of self expression and relevant to the target audience. The project was released in the annual publication of Soldaterlegatet and on Social Media.

See the movies here:

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