Richard III

Background and problem

Representations of people with physical disabilities are all too often one-dimensional. Historically, the disabled body have been tightly associated with moral crookedness and in more modern times people living with disabilities, have been perceived as perceptually innocent. Both representations end up denying people living with disabilities a full range of human emotions and dispositions.

Vision & mission

In this project we wish to make a new interpretation of the most known theater character with physical disability: Richard III. We will free him from the one-dimensional and evil narrative, and instead focus on developing a more complex narrative of Richard. Here we will emphasize both his disabling (physical deformity, societal exclusion, self-stigmatization, weakness) as well as the enabling (cognitive abilities, agency, strength, goodness) aspects.


The production of Richard III started in 2017. The play will premiere on HamletScenen in Helsingør in August 2019.


Richard III is directed by Lars Romann Engel and produced by HamletScenen.

The project is supported by Elsass Fonden, Beckett Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond and William Demant Fonden. 


Richard III will take place at Elsinore Castle. This world known venue will frame and facilitate a new dialogue of what it means to live with physical disability. A new dialog will create a new mindset, narrative and language about disability. We aim to let the voices of people with physical disability be heard and resonate through society and social practices and thus eliminate the stigma surrounding disability.

We wish to make global visibility and awareness about physical disability by inviting both national and international disability representatives for a collaborative process in the theater play. 

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