Background and problem

At the end of August, we are hosting a large, international action assembly of researchers, activists, artists and citizens in Elsinore.

We have invited people from Denmark and abroad to come together, engage with the public and help develop concrete initiatives and new strategies to rethink disability, inclusion and accessibility.

Vision & mission

We want to gather the different perspectives and forms of knowledge and facilitate cooperation and dialogue between different groups at REIMAGINE 2019.


From August 1 – 24 a myriad of different activities constitute Reimagine 2019, the events culminating in the period between August 21 – 24.

The events are grouped under three headlines: Actionlab, Knowledge Festival and Theatre.

At the Actionlab, artists, activists, researchers and citizens from Denmark and abroad, participate in three days of workshops, discussions and dialogues, artistic performances and much more.

At the Knowledge Festival, we invite the public to exciting talks, poetry readings, performances, exhibitions and debates.

HamletScenens own production of Shakespeares RICHARD III, raise the question of identity, stigma and diverse ways of being in the world. Among other things, the play wants to break with narratives that amplify the feeling of being different, excluded and stigmatized.

Read more about REIMAGINE 2019 and see the entire program here.


Reimagine 2019 is hosted in cooperation with HamletScenen, The Municipality of Elsinore, Toldkammeret, Kulturværftet and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK).

Reimagine 2019 is supported by the Bevica Foundation the Elsass Foundation, and The Municipality of Elsinore.


The purpose of REIMAGINE 2019 is to REIMAGINE disability, inclusion and accessibility, and the goal is to develop concrete actions in the area of disability, in the form of new cooperations and products. 

Target audience

The general public.

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