Signe Hartvig Daugaard

Project developer and VJ - owner of great minority media

My name is Signe Hartvig Daugaard. I am a TV media organizer and the founder of Great Minority Media. In 2018 – I founded the company, which provides video production, counseling, lectures and teaching with a special focus on the influence of minorities on and in the media.

I founded Great Minority Media because I have experienced how minorities and people with special requirements are an overlooked group – as users, participants, and producers behind media content.

I was born with normal hearing, then later became deaf. Today I have an electronic hearing aid on both ears (Cochlear Implants).

I use this knowledge daily when I create videos and advise companies on how to involve minorities in their work and focus on policy issues in terms of accessibility, tolerance and inclusion.

I am collaborating with Enactlab around different media productions about people with disabilities and minorities. 

Overall I fight to change the media – and thus the general population’s view of the many hundreds of thousands of Danes who today live with disabilities or are otherwise part of an overlooked minority.