Nikolaj Ole Jorgensen

Nikolaj Ole Jørgensen

Communication assistant


I am Nikolaj. I’m a Communication Assistant in Enactlab.

I’m studying informatics and psychology at Roskilde University. I’m intrigued by the communicative form of Information Technology, i.e. design, user interface, and useability.

In my spare time, I like to learn coding, as I’m inspired by problem solving and problem finding, within technology projects.

The psychology within and behind technology is something I explore within my projects at the university. This allows me to combine my different fields of interest together.

I’m very passionate about the ease of use of different technologies. Using problem-oriented project work during my time at university, I often seek to understand the individual’s perspective, and the diversity within different perspectives.

This helps me understand and gain knowledge when building solutions for different projects, that aim to help a diverse group of people.