Jacob Yoon Egeskov Nossell

Head of Communication

My name is Jacob, I’m co-founder and the Head of Communication at Enactlab.

I’m responsible for sharing the projects, research and findings for the benefits of experts, professionals and naturally the citizens in order to make impact on people’s everyday life.

To make useful and meaningful practices I work in the crossover where science, culture and society meets to make sure of the quality of our work from a citizen perspective. I also keep track on Enactlab’s work processes and the various partners that we engage with.

My prior experiences involve, among others journalism, documentary films – The Red Chapel (2009) and Natural Disorder (2015), theater – Human Liquidation (2016), podcast – My Damn Voice (2018), comedy, talks, campaigns – It’s not a handicap (2013).

I hold a master’s degree in Social Sciences and Journalism from Roskilde University, and I have received several honorary awards, among others Vanførefondens Opmuntringspris in 2014 and Spastikerforeningens Spastikerpris in 2010.

Photo: Martin Bubandt