Emilie Lund Palsoe

Emilie Lund Palsøe

Junior Researcher


I am Emilie. I am a Junior Researcher and a part of the research team in Enactlab.  

I have a Masters in Philosophy and Bachelor in Social Science and Philosophy. 

I am influenced by the pragmatic, somatic and phenomenological philosophy of Somaesthetics – which is focused on how we relate to our bodily perceptions and experiences. This theory feeds directly into the work I do in Enactlab.

I want to understand peoples’ lived and somatic (embodied) experiences. This is important when making bottom-up processes and empowering people through social initiatives.

I’m very interested in diversity and how we can create a world that makes room for equality and respect for diversity no matter gender, physical or cognitive abilities, age, race, etc. 

Through aesthetic experiences – such as arts and culture – with different kinds of people, living different kinds of lives, I think that we can open peoples perspectives of the world.

If these social experiences are successful, it can bring about more acceptance of diversity for the people involved.