Bridging disability and internships

Background and problem

Young adults with disabilities have a needlessly hard time entering vocational education and training (VET). On one hand, employers cannot see the possibilities and resources in young adults with disabilities. On the other, the young potential workers with disabilities have not discovered their own competences. Both employers and the future employees are in need of more role models and preparations to benefit from each other. 

Vision & mission

We want to see employers and young adults with disabilities getting positions in vocational education and training occupied. To achieve this, we want to address the social and psychological barriers. We will portray three VET-students with either visible or invisible disabilities to explain the biases and prejudices they experienced when searching for internships. 


In collaboration with The Danish Institute for Human Rights (IMF), Signe Daugaard the entrepreneur of Great Minority Media and Jacob Nossell from Enactlab will make a video project to put young adults with disabilities in vocational education and training (VET) in focus. The video project is set to premiere in late 2019. The launcher is coordinated with the release of a major report on the same subject, 


The project is supported by The Danish Institute for Human Rights.

Target audience

Young adults seeking vocational education and training. Employers. 


When we make stories, we always invite and include the people, we make stories about in the core production. 

The videos of the Bridging disability and internship project is made by Jacob Nossell and Signe Daugaard, both of whom live with different physical disabilities – and in this sense embody the story they tell. Their first-hand knowledge allows them to communicate in a more nuanced, precise and authentic language.