The Inclusive Staircase

Background and problem

For many people with disabilities, the staircase is the core symbol of inaccessibility. The staircase is a constant reminder of the many visible and invisible limitations in everyday life. These restrictions often result in passivity or paralysis; Being unable to ascend or descend the stairs like “normal” people do, nurtures the experience of being “left behind”.

Vision & mission

The Inclusive Staircase envisioned a staircase that invited to inclusion, accessibility and social communities for different bodies – and through this, to revisit the question of normality.


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) and the Architects Association contacted artist and journalist Jacob Nossell from Enactlab. Together we wanted to create an eye-opener and start a debate about inclusion, architecture and universal design – It was clear that the staircase’s inaccessibility was a good starting point. The Inclusive Staircase was exhibited at “Folkemødet” 2019 on Bornholm. 


The Inclusive Staircase is created by Jacob Nossell / Enactlab and built by Rune Højriis Pilegaard, KADK.

Results and impact

The inclusive staircase was showcased at Folkemødet in 2019. Folkemødet is an annual political festival in Denmark. We plan to exhibit the staircase in Copenhagen in the fall of 2019.

Target audience

The participants at Folkemødet 2019 on Bornholm.


With the Inclusive Staircase, it was our goal to showcase Enactlab’s embodied communication. A communication strategy where first-hand perspectives are conveyed in physical form, allowing people to feel, see and touch – and in this way – to connect and share the story.  


The project was founded and produced in collaboration with Muskelsvindfonden, Bevica Fonden, KADK and Arkitektfonden.