The Ball Game - Pilot / Beyond Icons at Koldinghus 2017

This project was conducted by Jacob Nossell.

Background and problem

It can be difficult for more or less “able bodied” people to get an understanding of what it means to have a physical disability. It is difficult to put into words and words do not always capture the lived experiences. And these obstacles to communication can in turn lead to misunderstandings, prejudices and stigmatization of people with physical disabilities.

Vision & mission

The Ball Game project aims to convey an experience of loss of control, shared by many people living with disabilities, to an abled bodied audience. Our vision is that this shared physical experience will be the starting point of conversations and mutual understandings.


At the exhibition Beyond Icons at Koldinghus in 2017, the audience could try a prototype of the Ball Game Project installation. The prototype served to test the idea. The next step is to construct the final version of the installation based on the feedback of the prototype. 


Koldinghus, Kolding Designskole.

Results and impact

The overall practical goal is to create a huge installation where the audience becomes “the ball in a labyrinth”. Here the audience will be able to get a bodied experience supplementing their cognitive understandings.

Beyond Icons at Koldinghus had 66,155 visitors during the exhibition period.

The prototype of The Ball Game served to test the general premises of the installation and to generate important feedback for creation of the final version.

Target audience

Able bodied people.


The Ball Game aims to bridge the gaps in experience between physically disabled and able bodied persons. By conveying a sense of loss of control in a non-verbally, The Ball Game makes embodied experiences the starting point of mutual understanding.


This project was enacted before the establishment of Enactlab.