(Dis)abling Interactions


(Dis)abeling Interactions

(Dis)abeling Interactions was conducted by Kristian Martiny.

Background and problem

People living with physical disabilities often experience social meetings as awkward and uncomfortable – even tangent to assaults sometimes.

Vision & mission

With (Dis)abeling Interactions, we aimed to find out why. When understanding the reasons behind the actions, we could improve the social meetings between people with and without physical disabilities.


The project used a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. We used biomedical, psychological and social perspectives in order to understand handicap. We organized meetings between a person with CP and three different groups; 1) a relative, 2) a professional who did not know the person with CP beforehand, and 3) a citizen who had no prior experience with CP.

Through eye-tracking and 3D-camera recordings, individual interviews and a control group, we were able to describe what happens in the interactions with individuals with CP.


This project is a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Enactlab. This project is supported by Elsass Foundation.

Results and impact

On the basis of our research, we were able to make social strategies providing the necessary knowledge about CP and tools for how to approach people with CP.

Target audience

Practitioners, The “able bodied” public


This project was enacted before the establishment of Enactlab.

(Photo: Elsassfonden)

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