The Robot Project

Intertactive Talk about AI

On Saturday the 13th of March, Enactlab was co-creator and on stage at Aalborg Teater in the play: The Robot Project.

The Robot Project centers around the increasing use of Robots, AI and algorithms everywhere in society. And especially what it means for us as humans and citizens. 

The Robot Project is part of a research project and the second half of the show was an interactive talk with Enactlab’s Head of Research, Kristian Moltke Martiny, who interacted with and engaged the audience at home and discussed how we as a society and as individuals want to use Robots, AI and algorithms.

The interaction with the audience generated a large amount of data on this topic and we look forward to seeing what learning and knowledge we can draw from this in the future.

See the interview for TV2 Nord about the theater play and the research here: 

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