Media productions

project overview

These productions were all developed by media producers with first person lived experience of the themes and topics they explore.

In order to provide nuanced and holistic narratives, these media projects incorporate three distinct perspectives:

1) First-person: Lived Experience

2) Second-person: Professional Practitioners

3) Third-Person: Scientific Experts

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underrepresented voices in the media

  • Focus on stereotypes: How do we frame people with disability, PTSD etc. in the ways that bring about nuances and realistic representations?
  • Focus on discourse: Which words do we use to describe and present underrepresented voices?
  • Focus on narrative: How can we include underrepresented voices and create agency through a focus on narratives in the media?

the process


Case 1

Experiences Living with PTSD

A project exploring different initiatives and programs for soldiers with PTSD

the 10th annual publication

Case 2
Living with Ostomy

A web platform and video series created to help understand the experience of living with an ostomy.

the ostomy guide


Case 3

Videos for the Institute for Human Rights

Three videos for a campaign for the Institute for Human Rights about disability and education.

Here we used professionals for the production, who both had lived experience with disability and the professional skills with videos and campaign.   


Case 4 workshops with DR

Enactlab arranged workshops in collaboration with disability editor in the Danish Radio Heidi Sivebæk and organizer in Great Minority Signe Hartvig Daugaard.

This workshop invited journalists from the Danish Radio to discuss and learn about the representation of people with disability in the media.

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  • 1 guide on being young and living with an ostomy – a webpage containing debates, videos, interviews with around 2,789,666 viewers/listeners/readers 
  • 3 videos about living with PTSD in the annual publication of Soldaterlegatet.
  • 2 workshops with journalists from Danish Broadcasting Corporation working on diversity, representation and stigma.
  • 3 videos for a campaign about education for young people with disabilities in collaboration with Institute for Human Rights.




    logologologologologologo was a collaboration between the co-founder Jacob Nossell and Stomiforeningen Copa before Enactlab was founded.

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