project overview

Healthy Habits

How do we create habits that are healthy? 

Habits are intuitive and instinctive, which means we sometimes unconsciously create unhealthy habits through different mechanisms such as technology, media and social ideals.

Enactlab has worked with the general medicine specialist and IT-entrepreneur Imran Rashid to investigate how to create healthy habits through conscious actions and behaviour.

In this project we have provided desk research, produced questionnaires and general advisory. 

The aim has been to positively change habits that are unconsciously controlling people’s lives in an unhealthy way through e.g. digital pollution or idealistic social norms.

the process



1 x research experiment on digital use and experiences

1 x digital habits questionnaire

Translating research in the lived experience of digital use into UX and UI design strategy and solutions

Translating the research into a project and sales pitch for the telecom company 3 and the fitness company Fitness World

Advising and participation on the podcast “Offline with Imran” about healthy habits – available on Podimo here

Research and consultancy on Imran Rashid’s two books: 

Healthy Habits – Read more about the book here

Offline – Read more about the book here