Enactlab focuses on Human Centered solutions as the Covid-19 pandemic continues

Nearly everyone has been affected by and isolated under the global Corona crisis that has brought the world to a standstill. Now more and more countries are beginning to open up again – but not for everyone. In the coming months, Enactlab will be focusing on socially vulnerable groups and people with disabilities, that are still in isolation or affected by the Corona crisis.     

Almost everybody has felt the isolation and loneliness during Covid-19. Many countries and societies have been completely shut down. Now the reopening is starting to commence. Though for some groups of people – including the socially vulnerable and people with disabilities – the crisis is not over. It is merely beginning. Therefore, in the coming months Enactlab will be focusing on creating community-driven and human-centered solutions for people who cannot take part in the reopening in their societies and must remain in isolation.

Working with two strategies
The focus on creating community-driven and human-centered solutions for socially vulnerable communities and people with disabilities will take place at two levels: the national level in Denmark, and the global level. The national strategy – in addition to raising awareness – is focused on gathering experiences and coordinating joint efforts around re-building society in the wake of the Corona crisis; placing a focus on socially vulnerable communities and people with disabilities. The global strategy is to use The Enact Model –  scientifically-proven model developed by Enactlab, leveraging person-centered and interdisciplinary collaboration  –  to develop different global initiatives, creating platforms for exchange and action across cultures and nationsKristian Martiny, Head of Research in Enactlab, points out that the community-driven and human-centered solutions are just as important as the economic packages that governments are providing: 

Even though we know that the economic packages being provided by the government are essential to survive and get food on the table, we believe that community-driven and human-centered solutions are also essential to help people sustain their well-being – socially, psychologically and culturallyMany people will manage to survive the challenges of the Corona crisis – the question that remains is what state these people will be in as the crisis subsides. 

The right measures
Enactlab acknowledges that while many employees are still on leave due the risks of Corona; the international knowledge center, based in Copenhagen, will continue to work to create impact on a global scale during the crisis – Jacob Nossell, Head of Communication in Enactlab explains why: 

I think many of us – at least here in Denmark – think that the Corona crisis is nearly over. But I want to stress that for many groups of people the crisis is just beginning now. We must not leave anyone behind. 

He fears that the aftermath of the Corona virus will eventually create even more inequality among the socially vulnerable, if we do not take the right measures.  

Many ask themselves,what are the right measures to take in this moment? In Enactlab, we believe that awareness and quick solutions are one thing. Finding the right solutions for the long-term is another thing, says Jacob Nossell. He points out that there are a lot of initiatives during the Corona Crisis – but there is little knowledge about what is working and what is not. Our goal is to make initiatives that accommodates the urgency of the crisis and simultaneously collect knowledge that can serve society going forward – in moments of crisis and beyond.    

Setting political agendas 
So far, Enactlab has helped to set several political agendas in the media centered around the socially vulnerable and people with disabilities – resulting in better legislation towards social woundable citizens. David Eskelund Nielsen, Head of Development in Enactlab, is thrilled by it: 

Though I currently am staying home – due the risk of Corona in my family, I am really happy that Enactlab is able to set political agendas resulting in better legislation for the people and communities we normally collaborate with, in our work and projects.