The world we live in is ever-changing. The challenges we face are far too complex to solve with simple solutions.

The way we are used to solve fundamental challenges in society, often neglects the first-person, embodied and lived experience of people. A fundamental change is needed.


The Enact Model is a scientifically proven model, that applies person-centered and interdisciplinary collaboration to develop actions and solutions to complex problems and challenges.The model operates with an open process, defined by five focus points:

– Challenge
– Know
– Develop
– Show
– Enact


Enactlab solves problems in a collaborative way with our costumers, partners, and collaborators. We create agency, so we can enact meaningful solutions to the challenges of shared life – together.

We are diverse in Enactlab. We are people with professional skills and personal motivations. We make research with people – not about people. In Enactlab we work through our three main services based on The Enact Model:

– Research and Development
– Embodied Communication
– Arts, Culture and Impact


Enactlab S/I was founded in 2018 by Kristian Martiny, Jacob Nossell and David Eskelund as a not-for-profit knowledge center based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We are a team of researchers, artists, journalists, and practitioners.


Enactlab collaborate with citizens, scientists, artists, practitioners, professionals, institutions, universities, foundations, companies and organizations.

We join forces, openly engage and wholeheartedly collaborate.