The first steps on the road to the foundation of Enactlab was taken in 2012, when Jacob Yoon Egeskov Nossell and Kristian Møller Moltke Martiny started working together on the critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary film Natural Disorder (2015) (DFI, DR and Moving Doc) and theatre play Humane Liquidation at The Royal Danish Theatre (2016).

It was collaborations that combined science, art and journalism to deal with the stigma and prejudice that people living with (physical) disability experience in their daily lives. A partnership became a friendship and in the following years, they worked together on several projects.

In 2016, David Eskelund Nielsen entered the picture, working with Kristian at a private healthcare institute.

With Davids expertise in psychology and his sense of practical implementation, he added a missing ‘practice’ piece to the future “lab” constellation.

In 2018, Enactlab S/I was founded by Kristian, Jacob and David as a not-for-profit knowledge center based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

(Photo: Torsten Høgh Rasmussen)