The way we are used to creating change and solving fundamental challenges and problems in society often neglects the first-person,
embodied and lived experience of people. A fundamental shift is needed.

In Enactlab we strive for new ways of enacting and working with change – new ways of solving societal problems and challenges. Solutions 
where citizens, scientists, artists and professionals – people and organizations – join forces, openly engage and whole heartedly
 collaborate. Our overall aim is to create agency, so we can enact change in a meaningful way – together.



The Enact Model is a scientifically proven model which combines different modes of knowledge and sense-making – from the lived experience of individuals, to the rigor of scientific research – in order to enact change and develop solutions to complex problems and challenges.


We apply the principles and methods of the ENACT Model across three services areas:

_KNOW: co-created research + knowledge
_ACT: labs + prototyping
_ENGAGE: media + culture production

In each of these areas, we develop deeply collaborative tools, methods and services to ENACT change together – with people and organizations.


Enactlab S/I was founded in 2018 by Kristian Moltke Martiny and Jacob Nossell as a global lab for change based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

We are a team of researchers, media and communication specialists, community leaders, artists and global collaborators.


Enactlab collaborate with citizens, scientists, artists, practitioners, professionals, institutions, universities, foundations, companies and organizations.

We join forces, openly engage and wholeheartedly collaborate.